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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making the most of the long weekend ...

A view of the muddy road Up River, this gravel road winds it way through the mountains, eventually bringing you the the main road to Armidale. Being scared of heights I have only been that way once and it was a beautiful sunny day.

It rained the whole weekend but that did not stop us ... we got soaked to the bone and carried on working, a fire burnt and hissed as drops of water fell, making our shower water warm using a coiled copper pipe that is placed amongst the wood. It is connected to a large drum of water and a small pump.

Wondering what to get upto next!

A ride on the back of the trailer after loading firewood. enjoying a little rest.

Water tanks have been waiting for a while now!

Many hands make light work, or so they say, but if it was'nt for Des and Henk then it could have been sometime still before the tank got a stand and was hauled up on it. Thanks Boys!

Secondhand mezanine flooring I bought at auction about 2 years ago. It was covered with a tarpoline, all it needs is a good sand and varnish again. Plan to build a kitchen and bathroom on top of it.

George cooking the BBQ for dinner!
Thanks Carelene for the nice pics. It was lovely having you and Henk for the weekend. Thanks Nilo and Des for all the hard work once again. Going to miss you heaps when you move to Ailie Beach. Good luck with the move next week. Love ya!
Until nexttime


  1. You certainly were busy. It is such fun to do productive things with family and friends, isn't it. What wonderful memories for the kids, too. :) Lovely post.


  2. Looks like you had a very nice weekend!

  3. Looks like a great working bee! Wanna send them friends to us for some gorse clearing?? :D

  4. Looks like the rain did not stop you all from having a great weekend.

  5. Ek geniet jou blog so baie Rina! Wat het van die pers karavaan geword, is dit nog daar? Wanneer plant mens kosmos saad en soek jy dalk om op jou plaas te plant? Groete da xxx Tania (Swerwer / Heinrich se wyfie)

  6. Liewe Sussie Rina, jy weet net nie hoe ons in twee geskeur was om te trek nie. Julle is dierbare vriende jy en Georgie en ons sal for ever friends wees!! Weet nie hoe dit gaan werk nie maar ons sien julle for sure weer op die plaas!! Mwha!