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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another weekend's to do list ...

Post and rail fence around our property in Bellbrook, we still have a fair way to go before it's complete, then it's painting it which is my job. To the right of the pic is the main paddock where our sheep will be grazing.

The to do lists around here never get finished for as quick as you get one thing done you have added something else that needs attending too. Fridays is my day for getting the weekly feed bought and filling the black tubs. We normally come home a little earlier then, and with day light savings I am loving the extra hour day light. If only I could buy larger quantities but with out a decent barn or garage it's not worth it. It would be better if the animals could all free range only we are limited on space. We had some welcome rain lately with more forecast this weekend.

Our latest project is another chook house, made up of 4 panels that can unscrew when we need to move it again. It's not very big, made to fit on an existing concrete slab where the old outdoor BBQ used to be. George made it 2.4mtr high so it can be converted into a shed if need be. I have been so inspired by everybody's meat chooks that I have decided to try raising some for the freezer too. But first the orpingtons mums and chicks will need a larger chook house as all the other spots are inhabited atm. The wood used here is recycled, Thanks Des. Don't think we will be doing much to it this weekend cause I bought a pack of reject hardwood at the auction on Monday. And that needs to be cut to size for the fence rails, that something we can do in Sydney, cut and pack them in the trailer ready to take up. Then we just need to level and screw them on as the posts have all been concreted in some time ago.

Tuesday Don the shearer was here, for the yearly full hair cut, drench and vaccinations. He rubber banded all the tails of the lambs and Daisy got a hoof trim and her shoots. 3 ewes are still to lamb so he will be back. In the above pic you can just see Stella, behind Bella, She was orphaned at 10 weeks, missing out badly, it shows on her size too. She will have to fill out in the next 3 months or she can't be breed next year.

I guess a little housework needs to be done this weekend, so I woun't go to work tomorrow. Also I need to spend a little time in the garden. I bought some Milo and stripy sunflower seeds, hand sowed that amongst the pumpkins. Milo is chook food. Planted mainly to shade the pumpkins a little. I also want to spread a few bags of mushroom compost as a mulch around the pumpkin plants.
Well that all for now. Have a great weekend
See ya Rina


  1. Your fence is looking great - we've only got the standard barbed wire one :-) Better than nothing though.

    You Slice of Heaven is coming along very nicely - well done.


  2. It sounds like you are going to be busy. Have a great weekend.

  3. Hi Rina, what a beautiful blog. I just found you hopping around looking at farm blogs. So excited I found you. I don't have any Aussie blog buddies yet. I've joined up and look forward to reading more.

  4. Your little fence sitter is a doll. :)