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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Confessions of a hoarder ...

Declutter is a word I don't understand very well, cause I am a hoarder, I find it very hard to throw USEFULL STUFF away. Not like those poor people on the Oprah Show with not an inch to turn around in. But I still a hoarder. My poor husband complains about it regularly, and even drags out the story about one local council clean up everytime someone is willing to listen. Ok I'll post it ...

So we have our local cleanup and everything you don't need or want goes on the curb/verge, then the council comes around and carts it away for you. Our single garage is so full of stuff from the kids that have moved out and will be back to fetch it and ours as well. Not much rubbish at all... so there we are sorting out stuff and we having a wonderful time "Not" Him putting out stuff I don't want to throw out, After repacking the garage the old mans rather tired and decides to have a afternoon nap.

Well that gave me just enough time to retrieve some stuff and cart it back into the carport and hide it behind my car. He never goes into the carport so there was little chance of being discovered until after the clean up. He wakes to find half the stuff is gone and even shakes his head at the "scavangers" being so fast. I let him carry on believing that to be the case. But yep you guessed it, he leaves his house keys at work about two weeks later and now the only way in is through the carport and to try the back door which is always unlocked cause of the dogs. I got busted!

So there you have it
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  1. My living space is not large, so I have to be careful about what I can keep, particularly if I'm bringing in more stuff. That means I often feel the need to declutter. Sorry you got busted! Thanks for becoming a follower of Buttermilk Cottage and hope you'll visit often.

  2. You and my hubby would get along well. He too likes to save everything just in case he needs it later. Me, I`m a tosser. If I haven`t used it in two years I toss it.

    We get into some very interesting conversations when he finds his stuff gone. =)

  3. Ah ha! And now, the truth is known. Actually, I am sure we all have a little of that in us.

    The interesting part about most couples according to "him" is that "her" stuff is junk; "his" stuff is valuable stuff that will be necessary to have in the very near future. Just reverse the genders and it's true, too. :)

    Your new background is very pretty.

  4. You sound like my daughter. She keeps EVERYTHING!! Makes me crazy.

  5. LOL at being 'busted'! I am not a hoarder at all.. have moved too many times so always have a big de-clutter on a fairly regular basis. Clutter drives me batty.

  6. Well I never considered myself a hoarder but just maybe I am....I won't throw my stuff away even tho I have no space to use it. Trish

  7. Rina, that is a great story. I'm with you-it's hard to get rid of stuff. My new rule is one bag of stuff to Goodwill every week. I mostly don't make it, and sometimes it's just a bag of coat hangers, but I am getting rid of stuff slowly but surely~I just never go inside Goodwill to shop!
    Love the new background.

  8. Ha ha, you really did get busted! Good story.
    We both keep things in case we need them. Couldn't indulge during our grey nomad days though. The bus was packed to capacity and we had the rule "something comes in - something has to go out". It worked! Now that we're in our cottage, there's always a spare nook or cranny... and as for the shed - well!

  9. Rina, your hoarding built Rose Cottage. Hoard away my dear friend!