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Friday, October 15, 2010

sheep and little chicks update ...

Mom Matilda and her 3 chicks, very protective of her babies making my life very difficult getting pics.

An old pot plant saucer is just the thing for them to scratch around in for some food.

This is Miss Lashes close up and she's due anyday now. Check out those eye lashes, she is definately my favorite ewe.

Here the twins Bella's mum had this year Roman and Sally on the left. I an a little disappointed with Sally markings, very blotchy face not like Bella's more solid markings. They are having their tails docked Saterday and Roman can keep his manhood to become a daddy oneday. Maybe swap him down the track for an unrelated Ram. PS The Boy's named them)

Miss Bella with her lamb, hmmmm blasted ram from next door is the daddy. He's nasty and has got big horns ... poor sausage she's very cute even if she has his face.

The shearer will also drench and vaccinate and shear the sheep except for the ones still to lamb. Thr whole breeding season is late this year (my fault)


  1. Very nice your lambs en little chicken.

  2. What sweet lamb and chicken families. :) Great "family" portraits.

  3. Hi!

    I just stopped back to tell you that I left something for you on my blog today. ;)


  4. Everyone looks lovely and healthy!

  5. They are all impossibly cute:)))

  6. Thanks for update - lovely to see how those gorgeous chicks are doing.
    Miss Lashes is just so pretty!! Very glam.
    Love all the names your animals have. Bye :D

  7. They are all so cute!!

  8. Awww, those chickies are so cute.
    I love the color of Miss Lashes. She looks like she has a blue tinge. And that baby whose father is not so nice, well, that face is quite adorable.

  9. Such cute chicks and handsome sheep!

  10. Love the little lambs. They are so cute.