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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little bit of crafting for pink ribbon day

Now what can I do to help decorate the hall for Tanya's Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Girls Night in. Just the sort of thing I love doing, putting myself under pressure, thats when I function the best.

(Friday)I bought 3 glass vases from the 2Dollar shop this morning, just right for some pink roses. I have a large white damask table cloth for the snack table. Need some pink plates and napkins, Pink, silver and white balloons to hang from the ceiling ... I need to go to the party shop for that

Then on to spotlight for some pink fabric for a garland flag thingy (Bunting). I bought 2 mtrs of fabric at $7 a mtr and 10 mtrs of cord. This is so easy to make. Fold your chosen material double, placing the top bit of the material on the fold, pin and cut a triangle, fold it open and it should be a diamond shape. Cut a few more ...

I bought a thin pink cord that is going to be sewn inside the flags, fold flag back to the triangle and placing cord along the inside of the top/fold. Pin and sew the sides on top. Leaving atleast 1/2 mtr each end of the cord to tie it up with. So we're not even going to fold it inside out or anything. Quick and easy sewing on top. (Might have to make two of them)

(Wensday)Why is it when your not looking for something then there's heaps in the shops, but when you want some there's none available. The hunts on for tiny disco balls ... 8 in a box, pink ribbon and little roses. Today I found the disco balls and ribbon 2/3's of the way there. and pretty paper cupcake holders and paper doilies. You will have to wait for the big reveal, sorry no pics yet
Still waiting for a date Tanya??!!??

We will a serving pink champagne, strawberries dipped in white and milk chocolate, cupcakes decorated beautifully. Hmmm did we not buy one of those wire cup cake holder thingies the other day. Some coconut ice might look nice too. Freshly baked puff pastry with ricotta fillings and bite size sausage rolls. Carrot and celery sticks with a dip sauce. Tanya got a plastic container with two trays inside esp to transpost or store 24 cup cakes in, very nice but a little expensive. Did I tell you how she conned me into buying her stuff and a book for decorating cakes a while ago, with promises of doing a decorating cource soon Hmmmm Will need to remind her about that.
Now all we need is a date before the end of the month