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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saving the best Hobart pics for last ... Botanical Gardens

Enjoy the walk ... did you really think we going to miss the gardens.

Exhausted yet, well it time to have a cuppa
See ya later
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  1. Oh now that's a lovely place! Very similar to our Hamilton gardens here. Lovely photos.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I really like the watermill.

  3. A very nice garden indeed. I liked the archway at the stairs.

  4. What lovely pictures.

  5. Its always nice for me to see different botanical gardens. Good pictures.

  6. Oh wow Rina, the botanical gardens are stunning. Love all the colours of the flowers.

  7. I love these gardens. We don't have a lot of them here in the US. But we did run across one in Columbus, Ohio when we were there a couple of months back. Takes my breath away every time I visit one.
    One of my all time favorites was in Melbourne. But you can't beat the harbor views in Sydney.

  8. Great photo's of a great garden. Love that little cottage ?? with the waterwheel - could easily slot that into here... Love the flowers.