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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Waste not ...making my own lard

Well today we cut Big Boy ram up, well not me but Charlie's grandson who is a butcher. He deboned the shoulder roast for me and that's what I will be cooking for father's day, with garlic, potatoes and sweet potatoes, caulieflower and broccoli with cheese sauce, and a apples pie for dessert. He dressed the rack of lambs something I never buy cause I simply can't afford it. What beautiful tender meat.

One thing I believe is not to waste any part and that means even the fat which is slow baking in my oven atm, already I have a 500gr tin filled up with clear white fat. My Grandmother used to have a dripping pot to store her fat in. This is the first time I have made some. I cut off every little bit of meat so the lard is clean. Those bits will do nicely in a stirfry. The dogs have their share of left overs and bone. Charlie got the liver, kidneys, 2 roasts and loin chops.

I am very happy to have be shown a new skill.


  1. It really warms my heart knowing that you utilize every part of the animal. So many people don't do that.

  2. Lamb is wonderful meat. The menu sounds lovely.