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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More holiday pics ... and give away details.

The weather was so great, a little snow on the mountain just outside Hobart which looked so nice. I would have taken a pic of it but this trip I was cameraless and Pina was using her mobile phone just as a backup expecting me to bring the camera. Well the blond one (daughter) borrowed it, for her trip to the USA. The old Canon stayed behind, we have got so spoilt with the digital one. Anyway I am amazed at the quality of the phone pics. We toured mostly south of Hobart, trying not to miss anything, Port Arthur was an amazing place to visit.

On the way back we stopped of at the Tassie Devil Park, just as the next bird display was about to start. Here I got roped in to play part of the tree, (Might be cause I was dressed in green)I did get upclose to my favorite bird, Tawny Frogmouth. A young mother T/Devil refused to showoff her little ones.

A tour to the Cadbury Factory was on top of the list. Here I bought a teatowel as part of my holiday giveaway. The whole process of making chocolate is explained, the cocoa pods are bigger than I expected with shades of yellow to bright red.. Most of our cocoa beans come from PNG, roasted in Singapore then ground into a fine powder,then shipped to Hobart. What a place to work at though, how could you resist taste testing them choccies. We did get to visit their onsite shop and bought a good supply. My favorite is still Crunchies and peppermint Freddos.

Now let me tell ya, there is no way you can see Tasmania properly in a week or even two. There is just to much to see and do. So we will be back next year.
Until nexttime

PS. I have a small give away, so leave me a comment even if your overseas, on any of the last 3 posts to join in the fun. Draw ends 2 weeks from today. Good Luck.


  1. Aww Rina, is that a real Tawny Frog Mouth? They are so amazing when we lived in Victoria last, we had a pair who came and sat in an old Gum out the back of our house, it was so weird, they came for one day only, during the same week each year..

  2. Cadbury factory - oh my goodness. I would never be able to work there. Crunchie is my favorite, too!!

  3. Wow! That phone does take a really nice pic, better then my camara. Gald that you had a good time on your vacation.

  4. Love have a look at tassie and will visit there one day:0)

  5. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing your images. Yes, phone images are getting really good, aren't they!


  6. Next time I'm tagging along. Just love all the old buildings. Not to mention the Cadbury factory and all the lovely gardens you visited.

  7. What a gorgeous sight Port Authur is. I'm so glad your phone takes such good pictures.