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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A few pics of the flood in our area, nothing like up in Brisbane and the rest of Queensland. It reached the 2mtr mark judging from the bit of debris on the 2 mtr mark.

The flood waters covered this bridge, I took this pic 2 days ago and yesterday morning the road was reopened.

Check those trees how flat they been pushed.

Paris 2000, that's their name unless there's some other fancy name for them. The perfume, you just won't believe it. When I bought them at Bunnings, a woman actually stopped me to call her Mom to come smell them lol.

Nilo how could we have a Rose cottage without roses, I planted 4 in front of the fence to form a hedge, they get to about 80cm high. We extended the fence by another 2 posts before turning, now that gap in the middle, is not that we ran out of rails but for the driveway to the new carport. (when ever that gets put up)

Our nightly visitors, other one took off, they rather enjoy peaches and bananas.

This is Maggie the magpie, sharing a little weetpix, she was hand raised and released from what I have heard.

Just had to get a pic of George driving the ride on into the trailer, your got to duck a little!

View from the road, we left after 2 pm this afternoon and got here very late. Tomorrow is work so it's up at 4am again. It's bedtime for me, so see ya all


  1. Thank you for the update. I did not realize where you lived.

  2. Glad to hear the water is receding. Hoping the rains are gone for you. Well, until you need them!
    What kind of critter is that in the pic? The pic above Maggie.
    Don't work too hard!

  3. Thanks for the comments
    Cindy, that is a ringtail possum, has a pouch on it tummy to carry it's young.
    Melissa, that is our retirement place, we live in Sydney full time.BTW Welcome I glad you found me, love visitors.

  4. I had no idea what kind've critter that was either.

    Stay safe with all that rain!

  5. We have been watching the floods there on the news here. I'm so glad to see the water is finally retreating. The picture of George in a "cage" is a keeper. ;)

  6. The flooding was bad everywhere, can't believe it flooded in Bellbrook too.
    Awww so mis our weekends at the cottage, love the roses!! Next we get to visit it'll all look different. How's George's foot doing?
    Keep well my friend missing you heaps.

  7. Great pictures. What a bad flood. Glad you are alright.

  8. I heard about all the flooding you had - so sorry that has to be terrible. Sandie

    Prayers your way.

  9. Wow! I just cannot believe how much water you guys got. That goodness you guys are safe. What kind of animal is taking the bananas?

  10. Hi Lisa, it's a ring tail Possum. thanks for popping in, I add all comments from today until next week into the draw.
    Thanks Sandy, I add you too.