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Monday, January 10, 2011

A little work to Rose Cottage ...

We've been travelling the Highways up and down a few times this holiday, the Holden Rodeo is on auto cruise already ... and it's been raining! OK I won't mention that word, but it sent us back home to Sydney to fetch the last of the wood and some corrugated bull nose sheeting I bought on auction. To be honest, the Blond One has been on our case again, to tidy up around the yard a bit. Above pic is of the little creek that goes through our property, it's so overgrown!!!

But first I must show you what we've been up to the last week. I know I said Rose Cottage won't be having anymore extensions, Well "WE" changed our minds again, but I tell you about that another day. Nilo I hope your going to like what I did to your Cottage ... You'll love the pink carpet in the bedroom.

The rest of the alterations/building I show you the next time ...
Pumpkin patch was a total mess, lantana and black jacks everywhere, and grass a good 9 inches high. Still got a lot of weeding ... yeah I know I could just use round up and kill it all, but no I weed by hand. Bags of mushroom compost got emptied and worked into the cleaned raised beds, and a whole packet of golden nuggets pumpkins got planted and a few coffee trees I got from my friend Scott. But what I wanted to show you was the new flowers on the galangha, just about ready to open. I am hoping to show you a pic of them open next time.

And I been mowing like a mad women ... More pics to come after the weekend.


  1. Everything looks so green and lush! I may be a tad envious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Boy! If I had that much grass to mow, I would surely bag the clippings for the compost pile. What a great supply of clippings! I wonder if animals would eat it in clipping form?

  3. It is looking good and so green.

  4. Green grass - can't remember the last time I saw any.

  5. You can't do that to me! Not enough photos!! Love the paint and the hats, can't see the carpet on this pic. Did you take any photo's of the outside? Go on share some more....pleaaaase pretty please.

  6. Rose Cottage and yard look great; I love the creek picture.So pretty