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Friday, October 26, 2012

Chooks news ...

Yesterday 2 more 5 week old chicks joined the lonely chookie after her mates move out to the west wing of the chook palace. Where a 9 month old white silky rooster joined them. Named him Clyde after his predeceasor, and my he is quite a handsome little boy. Clyde has not wasted anytime crowing either.
Only the young white silky pullet does not thinks so yet, esp as he chased her into a corner. "I am still a baby leave me alone". Not to sure about the little grey silky, here's hoping it a little hen.In this enclosure are 4 young barter brown (isa brown?) and one young orpington X Now that brings the new arrivals at 15 hens 1 rooster. sure is better than having just 6 hens and Mr Harry. grand total 23 chooks