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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Zombies are coming ...

A while ago I got chatting to a woman (40ish) at a BBQ at friends Nick & Adele. some how we got onto the subject of stockpiling. Adele mentioned they could join us at the farm one day cause I have a good supply of everything. Well I wish!!! That brings me on too the subject for today and my question to you is, How much are you doing to survive when the Zombies come. What a ridicules notion/word Zombies, rather say when your neighbour or the man down the road runs out of food and your's looks inviting. The same people that laughed at you cause you have a veggie garden, or your keeping chooks or you bake your own bread. But it's not just about stocking up on toilet paper, matches & candles, soap and tinned foods, flour. pasta, doffee and sugar.
Granted that is the first thing you think about "FOOD" but Yeah we need to eat too survive, protecting that food you have will be just as important as your food supply. Everyone has a list of what would be important for them. What skills have you got to help you, could you barter your labour or skill to benefit your family/colony. Do you have a bug out plan? I had been watching Dooms Day Preppers and it's great to see how dedicated some preppers are and how much thought has gone into their plan. I can only wish my plan was as good as some. A sudden move with all my animals is a major mission, but they are my fresh food on four legs or two drumsticks for the chooks. Getting them to the farm would be first on my list, along with all the food in my pantry. Housing/fencing to keep them in, food such as scratch mix and cracked corn and chicken starter/grower if I had small chooks. After Mr Fox wiped out half my chooks, I had replaced the slaughtered chooks with more egg layers, that I have nursed into pretty mixed breed pullets just about ready to start laying. This winter I raised 16 meat chooks for my freezer and decided that will be enough for this summer. In the near future we will be breaking down the chookie barn and will take it up to the farm in panels, ready to erect and use as storage. As for the wire fencing and pavers I bought it too has to go up asap. Slowly but surely we are moving up to the farm.
This "beauty" needs to be repaired and be taken up as well, she will be the centre of attraction in the outdoor kitchen, another project which we hope to tackle over the December holidays Sometimes I wish the farm was closer but that is really the point of it being so rural, making it more difficult for strangers to find when the time comes. I do feel that there is not that much time left to prepare, we need to get as much belongings and equipment there as possible. Time is running out! In the meantime filling bottles with produce, dehydrating veggies which saves space ... bonus, stockpiling and decluttering and cleaning up the house and yard making just such a move easier. more on a new skill in the next post ....


  1. I have thought of doing the stockpiling and have done a little but you know if it came to the Zombies showing up, there would so many that they would kill you for what ever you had, it would bad so I think the best thing I will do is to be ready when the lord comes back and not be left here on this earth to go threw those times.

  2. Hi Rina, We have a neium/small stockpile and critters on hoof and two legged cluckers, but we think like the previous comment that if things get really bad, it will make us a target. the road runs right in front of our house and even though we are outside of town about 5 miles, it is still a main road. We have a hand pump to get water, we heat with a woodstove, we have some fuel for a propane stone to cook outside. Lots of goodies were dehydrated and now the walnuts are falling!
    Good luck with your move. The closer you get the more encouraged you will feeling!