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Thursday, October 25, 2012

More dehydrating and garden plans ...

This year I have decided to not have a very big veggie garden, crazy I hear you say, maybe. But we are expecting a very hot summer and not much rain meaning my garden will probably suffer during the month we will be at the farm anyway. Rather spend my time preparing and dehydrating or canning vegetables such as egg plant, onions, sweet potatoes which are cheap as chips ATM. I had no idea you could even do them until I found a video on Youtube.Paula's tip dehydrating sweet potatoes Todays mission will be sweet potatoes.A trip to the big produce market on saturday, could net me a few bargains, we haven't been there for a while.(Maybe not the next 3 week as we will definitely be going to the farm)
Going to plant some bought Tomato seedling which I will pick up today from the new nursery on the way to Penrith. I do have a bed open for red aztec corn that I would like to save more seeds from for milling into Corn/maize meal.Pumpkins and squashes are on my list too. The rasberry bush has sprung "LOTS" of shoots and maybe now is the time to dig some of them up and pot them ready to be planted at the farm. The last lot I planted the possums made a meal of them.Talking about the farm we bought "Lots" of chicken manure and that is still laying bagged ready to be spread on garden. That is not a one day job as the patch is in desperate need of weeding. Maybe now is the time to organize a week at the farm by myself.
Another lot of eggplant is dehyrating, this time I bought 6 nice sized eggplant, that makes it 9 so far to fill the jar. that is probably half the amount I would purchase through out the year. Mostly I would use eggplant for Greek dishes but could used it in potato, eggplant and pea Indian veggie curry. Or baked in oil with a chilli bite batter. Do you have a favorite recipe for eggplant you would like to share?


  1. I love eggplant just sliced in half (the lebanese eggplant are great for this) brush with a little oil, sprinkle with seasoning and pop onto the barbeque. So yummy! the sweet potato crisps sound great - do you eat them like that as crisps?

    1. The sweet potatoes came out great, going to use it for making pumpkin soup, add sweet potatoe and carrot to it. Also add sweet potatoe to mash potatoe, and serve it up with chicken shnitzel or keiv and other veggies. Your egg plant recipe sounds wonderful. Nice to see you again.

  2. Good luck with the dehydrated sweet potatoes. I thought they would make good chips but they weren't good at all. They might be good in soups or stews though.
    You never actually showed a good picture of your garden but what I did see looked small anyway. Mostly I saw sunflowers but maybe they were the prettier stuff to take pictures of.