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Monday, October 15, 2012

So what has She been up to the last week or so ... well Grandson Cobi and his Mum have left for overseas on the 25th September, the house felt like a funeral parlour. We went out for dinner that evening just so we did not have to face it. Holidays are never going to be the same anymore without him. Africa is so far away.
Then (2 days later)our Smelly cat got bitten by a snake, we found him under the diningroom table all limp like a rag doll, bunged him into a cat carrier while The blond one grabbed her car keys and took off with her slippers and all. I called ahead to our vet but at the top of our road he had stopped breathing, so she opted for the local vet. They were wonderful and had him on a ventilator within seconds. did tests to see which snake it was Red belly black or the more deadly brown. Our thoughts are it was not a direct hit but Mr Snake got mouthfull of fur instead, which Smelly licked and digested as he was bathing himself. That is what had happened the year before when a R/B Black got him. So this was a brown snake. Normally within minutes it is over.The anti-venom costs a fortune but then that was the last thing on our minds. Somehow Smelly made it through with the excellent care he received and is now enjoying being with all the other puddycats, under house arrest until winter is here again. It's going to be a very long summer .....
Hubby and Myself took a trip up to the property for the long weekend, we were on a mission to empty the hired container. But to do that we had to clean up our own container first, so everything had to be removed and then sorted out. Must say it was well overdue. Heaps of red cedar and bits and bits were thrown on to the burning pile. Burning season is over so it will have to wait for the next season. That freed up so much space, with shelves neatly against the wall we might actually be able to find things again. On the way back we stopped off at Richardo's and bought 10kgs of beautiful winegrown tomatoes. We had beautiful Greek salads with olives and feta cheese for the next few days. Off cause I had to preserve some summer goodness and made a few jars of tomatoe jam. And a few jars of tomato and red capscuim chutney from a new book I had bought recently, yet to try the chutney.
Got very inspired reading Kari and Tim's blog the other day, they had put some egg plant in to dehydrate, which I had thought grilling and preserving in oil was the only way but snce I have gone onto Youtube and found a few more ways to preserve egg plant. Well I had to give it a go. And while I busy thought aI would give banana chips a go too. I do have some other news about two new venture I started but that can keep for another time Have a wonderful day and thanks for joining me Rina


  1. Sound like you made some serious progress clearing out the unit. Feels good to see it done I'm sure

  2. So sad that Smelly was bitten, but glad he made it through OK.

  3. Glad your kitty is O.K. ! :)))

  4. Thats good news about your cat...lots of good eating going on at your place...hope your not missing the grand son to bad.