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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birth of a Lamb

Amazing to witness the birth of any animal, What a privilage. The first breath of air it takes gives you a thrill just to be there.

One of our ewes started lambing on Friday afternoon (forgot the mobile so DD couldn't call me) and another on Sat midnight. Just the one weekend we finally got to go to the farm, no rain, so yep we missed the births. But Sat evening's birth was a bonfire and milo with mashmellow, some toasted of course affair. The landlord who is also our neighbour, kids were all there. OH city folk

Wensday while cleaning the sheep shed out (the bedding hay really smelt bad)one ewe just would not go out, she had just started lambing. Rushed to finish limeing the floor and putting new bedding hay down. Got myself a milk crate and a flask of coffee, shoved the other girls out. All you could see were the little hooves sticking out, she was standing up then lying down, wimpering a little, throwing her head back you just saw her pearly white teeth, as a contraction took hold, pushing then resting . Finally a little nose started appearing, just as I thought I might need to help by pulling the legs, could this be a breeched birth? (should have paid more attention to DD who has done some vet nursing)

A few more pushes and the whole little body slipped out, mom started licking his face and nibbling away cleaning him up, shoving a little to get him to stand om wobbly legs only just to fall down again. Finally finding a little stronger legs to stand on. Still mom kept moving just out his reach for a tasty nipple, all the while talking to him, encouraging him to walk, finally he hit the jackpot and started suckling .......

All she needed was to get the placenta out........ Well that was my sign to leave them in peace and head back to finish washing the dishes.

PS I took photo's and will develop today, so keep checking the blog over the weekend. Missed you all but I been baby sitting.
(wonderful having daughters that know how to copy and paste, saving having to rewrite it all ... maybe someday I will work it out. Post by Chester taken from Twisted Sisters, a forum for SAfrican Expat Ladies...members by invitation only.

Update 21st July: count so far 3 ewes and 2 rams, and 1 more ewe to go, she seems much later than the other mums.

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