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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My mosaic waterbowl from recycled stuff.

You find all sorts of wonderfully creative materials on Council clean ups. I just can't help myself I have to look. This bowl was a concrete bird bath sitting in someones yard until the pedestal broke and it found it's way on the clean up. Old ceramic flower pots, bases of lampshades and some old crockery are some of the creative finds. A new green majolica platter I had bought from a lady on Ebay arrived in bits & pieces but that turned into part of this lovely waterbowl.

2 boxes full of little glass tiles, some still on the sheets, they about 10mm square, also found their way to our house ..... to think what project to do with them. Leaning towards maybe a wonderful under the sea theme, on glass with lead for the grouting. Should look stunning! Somewhere I got some glass peddles ..... got to look.

Got very excited over a handmade pottery mexican urn, the base was broken so it went on the curb as well. I covered it with more blue and white ceramic bits and now lives happily as a water feature, nestled on river rocks between 2 ponds. Will take a photo next time we up at the property.

So next time there's a clean up, think creative and recycle stuff.

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  1. Rina, Love your feature. I have collected lots of broken China and want to make a mosaic mural on timber to hang outside. What did you use to stick the china to the concrete, and did you glaze or varnish it? It needs to be water proof.Not sure what to use. Love your blog. I'm new on down to earth, and from Ireland. Spending the month of October in Brisbane, visiting our daughter and my darling grandchildren.I'm so excited.