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Monday, July 20, 2009

a Granddaughter's fairy blanket ........

Yeh Right, maybe someday I will have a granddaughter but in the meantime I have crocheted a blankie for her. (not much hope of that happening anytime soon) This blankie has magic yarn from the scrap box, all left over yarns weaved in ... with a few extras thrown in .... creating a fairy blanket.

I have gone with a ripple pattern, casting on just enough chains for a cot blanket,132/148/164 chains for your strips to run width wise or lenght wise. Yarns I have used are Flutter/Feathers with a matching 8 ply, 1 strand of 8 ply from Lincraft. And 2 strands of fashion yarn Peacock, which cost a $1 each from the Reject shop just make sure you buy enough of it the first time as you are using 2 strands. Rather buy to much yarn cause you can always make a beanie to match.

Pattern is as follows,using 1 strand of 8 ply, crochet/cast on required stitches/chains.
Turn to start first base row, use first 3chains as 1 treble st, crochet 7 sts =8 sts, make 2 chains, crochet next st into the last no 8 st, then cro.7 trebles,skip 2 chains, next treble into 3rd chain.... Continue with the last 16 sts to the end.
Change colour every few rows, it does look nicer if there is some sort of sequence to the colours but it's your choice entirely. Tie ends and work them in with a wool needle. You could crochet a simple border to finish it off.

Tip: I have seen blankets come unstuck because threads have been just cut off, all that work for nothing. Spend the time ... it's worth it.

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