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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Photo's from our Trip to Cowra's Japanese Garden

Our little daytrip turned into a day full of suprises, the Gardens was one. Pina, my Japanese friend from work and I decided we must go and visit but we never seem to find time. Cowra is a 3hr trip away, Every season has a different face, Winter's are very cold there, so expecting it to be dry and very brown, it was quite charming with winter colours. Camillias and yellow jouquils every where. The first Magnolia buds are just starting to appear. Huge Koi swimming lazily in the pond, waiting to be feed. Our next trip is going to be in 3 weeks time when most of the magnolia buds should be out, then Pina and her family with go with us, taking a picnic basket with us. So we will keep you updated with more winter and spring colours.

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