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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bunya Mountains

One of Queensland's National Parks, Bunya Mountains is one of the few places where Bunya Trees grow,tall giants of the Rain Forest. The roots, like wondering giant fingers of the huge old fig trees winding their way through the undergrowth, where ferns mosses and licken grow. Huge tree ferns growing in the canopy above. A short detour to the waterfall. And It's only 2/3 hrs drive from Brisbane. Have you been there?

A walk on the trails is great for the fit and not so fit(thats me) Lucky there are shorter routes so I can manage quite well. Being the camera person, it takes longer to catch up with the group.

We normally book a 3 bedroom self contained cabin for a few days, then invite the family to join us. The fire roars warming the cabin, while us girl see to dinner, and the little boys play in the bath, Grandpa takes it easy,It's still Rugby League season so quite likely the tv is on sport,leaving the big boys to chop up wood and keep the fire going. Outside on the lawn a group of wallabies graze peacefully. I am going to miss our short breaks there.

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