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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's sad to get old .... Con was once a young man.

I want to share this with you, it's from my other blog, so sad to think we will all one day get old, and maybe have to leave our homes to live in an care facility. I sure don't want to go there ...


I take my hat of to nursing staff at hospitals and old age facilities, they should all get a raise, the money they earn is not enough to pay for their care they give. My Old Man landed in Emergency last night with blood poisoning, chest pain and to top it off he is a diabetic, so we just got to be a bit more careful. But this is not about him, btw he seems to be doing better.It was way past our bedtime when the Blond One and Myself took him in, and now I can tell by my sore red eyes, and big yarns it time for bed.

Only I got to tell you about this little greek man, dressed in his pj's, his name was Con. Physically there seems nothing wrong with him only the old brain does not work to well. He had his own minder, an young irish nurse, first they chattered softly, he told her his life story. Then he started asking about his wife, who was also admitted to hospital, only she was already in a ward and sleeping. Staff told him she was upstairs and sleeping, only he got more determined to go to his wife, getting out of bed and carrying his bag around desperate to go find her. Staff told Con if he got back into bed they would call his wife and ask her to come down. No he said they better stop taking photo's (with the mobile phone?!)He stood next to another ladies bed staring at her before asking her if she was his wife. How sad is that

Nothing they said could make the little man get back in bed, he was on a mission to find his wife. Staff tried coaxing him into drinking a sleeping tablet, but he point blank refused. He is not allowed to take any tablets cause he was told not to cause he will die. Eventually reinforcements were called to help out. It was past 1.30 before it got a little quieter around emergency and we left to go home.


  1. It's so sad Con has to be in a home with strangers rather than with loving family. Although it was easily financially possible (or our social system has always provided if not privately possible), we cared for my parents at home and brought medical care to them as necessary. Although toward the end it was sometimes more time consuming and challenging, we have never been sorry that we cared for those who gave us life and cared for us until we were adults, then continued to love us with all their hearts after we became independent adults. It is amazing how much the children learned about family, love, and responsibility by having their grandparents nearby.

    Thank you for a lovely post that will surely remind everyone how precious every day of life is to enjoy to the fullest with those we love.

    Very best,

  2. Con still had grit and determination to find his wife even though he was confused.
    I agree, anyone who works in a hospital, retirement housing, assisted care facility really should be paid better. What they have to do and see is mountainous.
    Glad you Old Man is doing better.

  3. Aww that is sad, perhaps if they had let him see her it would have been less stressful for all concerned :(

  4. Sad wonder why both were in the emergency room. Trish

  5. That is sad - it takes courage to grow old - that's for sure. Hope your husband is better,

  6. I hope Con and his wife were reunited.

  7. That is sad. Perhaps if they had just let him see her......