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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tilba Tilba and last stop Kiama

You could easy pass this cute little village ... here we found this lovely Nursery, old wares and cafe (I had to buy a white towel rail from Lavender Cottage) Not the colour of the cottage, now that's what I want for my cottage.

That's the nursey and gift shop!

This entrance leads to the "Open House" Garden but maybe next time we will go look at it.

I did ask what is going on the arbour and it's pears, so just inmagine it in full bloom.

The owner must live here, it so beautiful, just like I imagine my cottage to look oneday.

Another part of Tilba Tilba, more shops down either side of the road, and another cheese factory.

Thought our crafty friends might like this driftwood thingy.

Pelicans waiting for fishermen throwing them morssels of tasty treats.

Another pic of the blow hole.

General view back to the beach and caravan park. School holidays it always packed with holiday makers.

The lighthouse
Well that is it, promise no more pics. I wanted to leave a few out but which ones? Maybe I just see things the way that a tourist does, can you tell I am in love with Australia Lol
See ya soon


  1. How very pretty. I just love the little village and shops. Thank you for the pictures. I love them. :)

  2. The photos that you have posted here and your last post look lovely. It looks right up my alley! I think I would love to got there :D

  3. How lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are so beautiful! And I LOVE those driftwood garlands! So unique!

  5. Wow - i think Im falling in love with Australia too. The houses look so beautiful...and the pelicans. Im dreaming of holidays now!

  6. I love Australia too.... but sadly my husband will not consider moving there. The shit.

  7. Thank you for sharing.

    Loved the driftwood thingy too.