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Monday, June 28, 2010

We got to sleep in a little before heading down to the harbour to see the fishing trawlers at Eden.

Then off to Bega to the Cheese Factory, I have always wanted to go there.

The Heritage Centre is a faithful reproduction of one of the first buildings to be constructed on the Bega Cheese site in 1899. The Heritage Centre has a comprehensive display of cheese and butter making equipment from the turn of the 19th Century, giving visitors the chance to see how early farmers in our region lived, worked and transported their wares.

At the Heritage Centre you can order everything from a milkshake to a full lunch. You can taste the different varieties of the famous Bega Cheese, and take home any or all of the Bega products. We also stock a wide range of souvenirs and gifts.

Bega Cheese exports over 10,000 tonnes of processed and natural cheddar cheese and whey powder into world commodity markets every year. Since the early 1990s, we have established retail product sales into 50 different countries

Here they make a array of cheeses for the export market and local markets. I bought Heritage cheese,a strong tasting cheese. Black pepper sliced cheese and a cheese in a can which has arabic writing on it. It's a mild creamy cheese. Normally I buy their Tasty cheese (Cheddar). I took a few pics of antique cheese making stuff for our cheese maker friends. Now for a cheese and biscuit evening with a bottle of good dessert wine.


  1. I enjoyed your trip to...interesting. Trish

  2. Love Bega cheese and will have to go for a look at Bega one day.
    Love all your photos

  3. what a fun dairy trip. how i love cheese!!!

    the last photo is so lovely.


  4. I have some great memories of visiting the Bega cheese factory on a school excursion back in the 1980s.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. Love all the pretty pictures. Looks like a great place.