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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ok just a little update on jerky and the weekend.

It's looking good, that jerky,a few more days to go.

Smelly the cat gives his approval, another 2 days atleast Mom.

The weather has turned fowl here, rain, cyclone and water spouts up at Lennox Beach/Ballina, That's on the east coast, just North of Coffs Harbour and it moving down the coast. Bellbrook is in the mountains 60 kms from Kempsey,we had 24mms rain last night. Heavy rain forcast for the next 2 days, showers Sat/Sonday the rain for the next few days after that. Clearing for the long weekend.!!! Southwest Rocks had 140mms yesterday, just 60 kms towards the sea. We are just about packed and ready to move out again, trailer is loaded with 2x4 inch studs/timber for the walls of the cottages and corragated roofing for Lavender Cottage, and a garden table and chairs for rose cottage is going up too.

Now why did I joke that rose cottage would float with all the wood used to build it! But we better check that the roof is still on and alls well there. Weather permitting we may dig 4/5 holes for fencing posts, concrete them in and screw a few rails on the main fence. This trip is really just about taking stuff up and checking on the cottages.
I did a little shopping on Sonday for Rose Cottage, wanna see what I bought, really hope Nilo is going to like it. The bed is a double so this should hang down nicely being a queen size. Got a few more little bits and pieces to decorate with.

Have a lovely weekend everyone
See ya
PS I got a little funny story over at my other blog about beef jerky if you want to read it.


  1. I love your bedspread - it's beautiful. sandie

  2. I can not tell by looking is the jerky in little pieces are hugh pieces....this is a first for me..........never seen jerky made before. God Bless Trish

  3. I don't think I have ever had beef jerky.. it does not look 'appetising'!
    Lovely quilt too.

  4. The weather certainly has turned bad and not good for further up the coast. Hope all is well at the cottage when you get there.
    Love beef jerky but have never made it....must try one day

  5. I don't think I've had beef jerky either. It doesn't look as pretty as the bedspread! I saw the water spout on the news last night. Unbelievable.

  6. Ah Rina I just LOVE the bedspread!! Exactly what I would have chosen. Rose Cottage is going to be absolutely beautiful as soon as all is done. A worthy project! Des and I are just so excited about the opportunity.
    PS: Hope there's some biltong left for the long weekend.