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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another Long weekend update

A little update about Elsa the Lion, did the whiparound at work and collected $45 which the Boss should match. Also following a few leads for Elsa's Haven. I had an email this morning and nearly fell off my seat from excitement, asking for more details on Elsa, so I sent their contact no to him. I have been in contact with the organization called Born Free. Now We just have to wait ... a bit like this fella at the top, it so cute I got the digital out. (Lets hope not that long)

Feels like ages since I last posted. We have been to the farm with Nilo and Des, working on Rose Cottage. Soon we will have a bathroom and another little deck in front of the bathroom, no more extentions after that, promise. We left thursday morning very early, did the last minute shopping in Kempsey before heading up the mountain. Unpacked the roof sheeting we took with and a few other things. Put a window in on the deck area, but we still a little stuck until we get the front door. That's the problem with using recycled stuff you never know when you going to get an item. I bought a beautiful white painted front door and fly screen door from the same vendor on Ebay very reasonably, But can only get it this Saturday. Then only can we finish cladding the front area.

We did a quick trip to Brisbane (600kms+-)to see the Grandkids and also pick up Cedar lining boards ... another Ebay purchase. Then we headed back to he farm. Des had put the roof over the deck area up by then and added a few more rails to the fence.

It's true what they say about many hands make light work and what really nice we get on like a house on fire. The cottage is coming together very nicely.
We did a little cladding on the inside with the cedar lining boards, wow that looks great.

Well it bed time for me now
Sleep tight


  1. Wow, great progress. I love the cedar lining. What a wonderful aroma they will give.

  2. Rose cottage is coming along quite nicely. Trish

  3. Things are looking great at the cottage. I love the porch.

  4. I love the porch too, it'a all coming together nicely!

  5. The cottage is coming along nicely and love the progress reports.

  6. There's just not enough hours in the day!

  7. The cottage is coming along nicely!

  8. Looks like it is really coming along.

  9. I Love the story of Elsa...sad but SO Uplifting! You're her Angel!
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you!
    Happy weekend!
    Donna in Texas

  10. It's taken me this long to get back to your blog Rina I'm ashamed! Eeeek!
    Just love love love Rose Cottage, the work we are doing on her and the people we get to spend such fabulous quality time with. Rina and Geaorge are such fantastic friends. Des would love to go to the farm every weekend. He was rather annoid with me because we'll only manage to go again towards the end of July as I have a friend and her family coming to stay with us for a week, Sunday to Saturday so both weekends is a no go! :-(