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Sunday, June 27, 2010

One wild weekend

Friday we hit the long road, to Cooma where we had booked into a motel for the night. Not exactly the kind of place I would get excited about (I mean the town) ... so on with the story. We left very early to continue our trip to Rosedale in Gippsland, Victoria.(830 klm drive) there's very little traffic on the Monaro Highway as it winds it's way through farm land then state forests to Orbost.I was just nodding off when George slowed down after seeing something in the road, then stop dead. The storm during the night must have up rooted this gaint of the forest.The whole trunk was across the road and thats not even the canopy. Imagine if we were speeding???This was one time I did wish for a mobile phone but the car we stopped did call the cops.

Well we had to turn around and head for another turn off about 80klm back, first it looked more like a road used for logging truck, very doggy but it got better, we got to Eden at the coast. But I was kinda glad we landed on this road way more scenic. So First we had to stop off for more diesel, as that detour was a good 200klm longer. Only Gipsy lake was just a cute little spot with a boat jetty and a few cabins for hire.

So on we went down to Maloota at the coast to fill up and have breakfast at Cafe 64, and by that time George was saying we're going to very late getting there. At the motel in Cooma the lady had given me a booklet with all the stuff to do in Gippsland, so armed with this, we where nearing a village called Nowa Nowa where George had seen the Tresel Bridge, so we went hunting for that. My man can't stop raving about this bridge ... it is amazing!

Then next we drove past the St Mary's Catholic Church in Bairnsdale, and found parking easily (he hates finding parking esp with the trailer on) so in we go and lucky nobody was inside so I took heaps of pics.

Then Lakes Entrance was next where I took a few more pics

We got to our destination at about 4.30 pm and here we loaded a combustion wood stove I had bought on Ebay for really cheap (show you later)first I want to clean it up a bit and do some repairs to it. Anyway we headed back to Eden (350klm)cause I wanted to see the the Cheese factory at Bega.

Here they make a array of cheeses for the export market and local markets. I bought Heritage cheese,a strong tasting cheese. Black pepper sliced cheese and a cheese in a can which has arabic writing on it. It's a mild creamy cheese. Normally I buy their Tasty cheese (Cheddar). I took a few pics of antique cheese making stuff for our cheese maker friends. Now for a cheese and biscuit evening with a bottle of good dessert wine.

A little village of Tliba Tilba was next, most quaint little shops selling antiques, candles, soaps paintings and hand craved or turned wood items. Even an old fshioned lolly shop with rows of jars filled up with sweets.

We stopped off for a fish & chips lunch at Kiama, a pic of the light house and blow hole. Then we headed home.I will post more pics during the week of each place so you can see where we have been this weekend.

Well it work tomorrow and I better go to bed.
See ya


  1. I guess a wild weekend! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. What a weekend indeed! You sure did a lot of travelling around, and saw some really neat places.

  3. Wow! Finding a tree in the road was way past scary. Great photos. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I should really try out making those bed socks. Thanks for the pattern and photo. Your blog is fun and interesting to read!

  4. What great places you went to. It sounds like so much fun. That tree is scary - good thing you weren't speeding!!

  5. Beautiful pictures, what a weekend!!

  6. You were so lucky not to hit that tree trunk, it would have done some serious damage to your car.

    I like the route you travelled, we did that last year from Melbourne to Sydney, it was freezing at the Lakes Entrance and nearly blew us off the walking bridge to the beach. We also stopped at Bega and bought some cheese.

  7. You go to the most interesting places! sandie