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Sunday, June 6, 2010

This little villiage above has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, 5 rock fishermen drown here a few weeks ago. Coal is exported from here into large tankers.
Now for pics around the Lake.

How about a spot of fishing by the lake, basking the the morning sun.

I hope you liked the pics I took for you this morning around Lake MacQuarie. The lake is huge, with small "Towns" right around it. So worth going to for a weekend.
Until nexttime when I put on the tour guide uniform.


  1. That's terrible 5 man. It look a nice place on the whater.

  2. Some of the houses are really close to the edge of the lake. They never get'washed" out? from stroms that bring big waves?

  3. Beautiful images. I especially like the swans in silhouette. :)

  4. Krissy, if there was a tsunami I think they will all be in trouble. The whole area is full of lakes and streams. Climate change will also bring it's own problems in years to come.

  5. Beautiful photos! I`d love to do some fishing there!

  6. The 5 fisherman getting washed away was a tragedy that we don't want repeated.
    Lake Macquarie is a lovely spot and there are a lot of walking (bike) paths now that make it even better.
    A great place to live.

  7. Great pictures. You are a wonderful tour guide.

  8. Great photos. Looks like a lovely spot to spend the summer.