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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's that time of the year again ...

Winter time and it's Beef Jerky time (us South Africans call it Biltong)! Now I have posted before about making Jerky and really it's quite different to what the Americans do and tastes different to. We find it a little on the sweet side could be the hickery taste, well that's the little packets you can buy at the servo and bottle shops. But first I have to show you my meat slicer, now this new baby is going to make it very easy to cut the jerky. You poke the meat in this side an crank the handle and there you got thin slices, ready to enjoy.And yeh I brought it back with me from South Africa when I was there last year.

Now I use rump steak but some other folk use cheaper cuts of meat. I buy whole rump and have the butcher slice it for me (it free so why not), paid $7.99 a kilo Sonday. A pickle mix of rock salt 500gr packet, lightly roasted colliander seeds crushed, ground black pepper and 1 bottle of MaCormick Bush spices. I make this big bottle up at the beginning of the season and just keep adding to it. exact quantities are difficult to give you.

So now I trim off any bits of meat that could be used for Beef Stroganoff or curry, normally I get one good sized meal or just add a few mushrooms ... yummmy ... Back to the jerky, I sprinkle a little mix in the bottom of my container and start layering the meat, sprinkling mix on every layer, careful you don't overdo it otherwize you going to need more than a gallon of water to quench your thirst cause it will be too salty. Lightly sprinkle a little more bush spice if you like spicy foods. Cover with a lid or dish cloth and place on the benchtop or fridge for 24hrs. Remove and repack the top to the bottom in the juice. My container seals and I just flip it over without unpacking it. Do not throw the pickle juices away!!! Rest in the fridge for a futher 8/12 hrs.

The Bush Spices is an Ozzie thing contains garlic,pepper,paprika,nutneg,rosemary,origano,lemon murtle,mountain pepper and lemon aspin. Great sprinkled on meat and chicken. But you could use a steak and chop spice if you like.

After the meat has marinaded in the "pickle" I hang it up to wind dry ... Instant wind compliments of the Fan blowing full blast 24/7 for 4/5 days on the meat if you like it a little pink or 6/7 days if you like it Dry(overdone). It turns blackish in colour, No It's not off!! just dried. George made me an old fashioned meat safe with fly screen on 3 sides and with 3 rods under the shelf to hang the little hooks from. (Click on Beef Jerky under labels there's a pic of the meat safe.)

Now I must mention that there are a few people that would like to wager on the best Beff Jerky this year, I am up for the challenge ... bring it on boys. Saturday afternoon we celebrated all three Boy's "Month of May" birthdays , with a Bbq in Nick's garage cause the weather was so bad, rain and wind forecasts for this weekend. We had a great time, good food and good friends what more do you want.


  1. That looks so good. Glad you had a great time! :)

  2. Thank you for great pictures and directions once again, Rina!


  3. I love jerky,but don't smoke it at all? Up in Alaska we did both dried fish and smoked fish.

  4. Hi Krissy, it air dried a bit like the eskimo's fish drying, don't do this unless it cold and windy. That what the fan is for, blow the heck out of it.Lol We don't smoke it at all. Great for venison too.

    It tastes great! My grandma let some pieces get like old bark, dry as, then we lay it on a dishcloth and then took the hammer to it, like crushed dust. Nice on a baked potato, sour cream and fried onion with jerky ontop.

  5. We love jerky here, too!!

  6. I had no idea how to make jerky. Hard to believe it is winter somewhere - it is so hot in GA. Sandie

  7. Very interesting!!... You asked about Smores on my blog.. Its were you roast marshmallows till good and gooey then you have 2 graham crackers and a half of a Hershey's Chocolate bar. You put the roasted marshmallow between the graham cracker along with the half of the Hersheys.Its a gooey sweet fireside treat!

  8. I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

  9. Rina, this sounds good. I used to make jerky with teriaki sauce, slowly drying it in a cool oven hanging from the rack. Messy but good too. Makin me hungry!