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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update on weekend

The weather was shocking driving up, we did it slowly without rushing at great speeds. A few idiots came short ... speed is the worst thing in rain esp when you hit a patch of water over the road, you just don't have full control of your vehicle. One driver skidded and landed in the middle section between the two highways. Him and his ute were fine! but needed a towtruck to get out again.

Another car and trailer hit the ditch on the left and was stuck there. He would have been OK until the tow truck driver gave him a bill for towing him out.

A little bit of privacy screening for our neighbours, but I think Des needs a veggie patch. The fence is to keep Miss Daisy out. More fencing next weekend and painting.

Galangha is a rhinzone, used in thai cooking. Plant looks like ginger and grows about 1 mt high with lovely white flowers.

We gonna have lots of passion soon, thats passionfruit. some where I found a great recipe for cordial, so I thinks we going to try making it.

We left very early this morning, only cause we had no idea what time it was until we got into the ute. Normally I wait for the Neighbour's rooster to go off but never heard him. We drove the scenic route, to Lake Macquarie and I got some good pics for you in the next post.

See ya


  1. We had a discussion about planting some passionfruit just last weekend. After looking at yours I'm off to buy one. Or is that 2... for cross pollination? Your fruit looks wonderful. Kim :)

  2. It's only one plant,Kim. It's the purple big fruit one. Give it a sturdy fence to grow on and it will really start fruiting in it second year. Happy planting!

  3. Can't wait for the long weekend to see what you guys have done!! It's all so exciting. Des is going to have a ball planting fruit and veg once the hard work on the cottage is done. But then again we have to start on the other cottage don't we? Maybe I'll become the gardner, not that I have a green thumb at all, but who knows maybe I've aquired one somewhere along the line.