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Friday, July 23, 2010

Thank you for all the Get Well wishes for George, he is finally out of hospital but we still off to the Doctors until the skin repairs itself. So what happened ...

He messed coollant on his work shoe, which soaked through to his sock and onto his foot, and continued to wear the shoe and sock causing a huge 2 inches wide burn/blister on the side of his foot and another on the side of his little toe. He never noticed it until the blister popped a few days later, by that time he was running a fever and the infection (Blood poisoning)was creeping up his swollen foot and leg.We carted him off to the emergency dept and he was admitted. They just wanted to amputate until the foot specialist decided to try save the toe. To cut a long story short he was so lucky that the doctors managed to save his toe. The staff at the Public hospital were so nice and caring, we definitely don't have any complaints about them just the food was not "fresh"

George is doing better and it will take a while before the skin grows back, only he is not allowed to drive and has to stay off the foot. His Doctor is a woman, senior head lecturer at the uni and with more Certificates than I could count, so one very clever little Cookie. He has to see her again on Tuesday and until the foot is healed.

So you folk out there with Diabetic friends and family please look after them, even a blister can mean big trouble. Now finally after heaps of arguments about how he likes his food, socked in butter, sugar and oils, we can finally start cooking the rightway. His has had a huge scare and now promises never to complain about my cooking cause hospital food is crap he says. Now gone is the rich food, in with smaller portions, no more large pack of chips and litres of PepsiMax. Now he will be eating more correctly for a Type2 Diabetic. Best of all I might be able to lose some weight too ... there got to be something for me in it!

Until nexttime and have a great weekend
See ya


  1. Wishing speedy recovery. George is your partner?

  2. Oh my goodness!! We had a similar incident with my Mother several years ago--So I'm glad that George is on the mend!! With your care, how could he not be!! We will send healing thoughts for him from the state of Virginia!

  3. Glad to hear that George is at home and doing well. That is very scary. Hospital food - yuck!!

  4. Thank you for letting us all know.

    My father has diabetes, so this news kinda hit me of what can happen to loved ones with diabetes. Wishing George well and warm wishes for you.

  5. Oh my, I've been ill and out of touch. I'm so glad George is recovering well. This is one trip to the hospital that well may be one of those blessings in disguise. Sounds like it's made a real turnaround in his diet lifestyle. I will certainly keep you both in my prayers.

    Have a fantastic day and a blessed weekend!!!

  6. Oh Rinatjie we were all so worried! I'm glad he's 'seen the light'! I know you'r running around and doing heaps more than usual (don't know how you fit it in because you are one busy Lady) so Strongs for you too my dear friend!

  7. I am glad George it doing better - let's see how long he won't complain about your food. lol


  8. Hes one lucky fellow....glad all is well. Trish