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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We have had some welcoming rain and a real big storm Sonday evening. Normally our dogs stay outside cause of all the cats being inside. Juliette is the least able to defend herself, her little body hurts too much with stiff joints and back legs that just don't want to work that well. She is not a cuddly cat and hates being held, so we just leave her to do her own thing and come for love when she wants to. The other cats are all a little weary of her, she can gives them a good wack if she feels like it.

Do you remember Chief the goldie, our last rescue dog. Well we figured out why he kept running away from his new homes. He is terrified of storms, lighting and thunder scares him like you would not believe. Even when he is let inside he just does not want to settle down, hides behind the couch. So New Years fireworks is also going to be a problem but we do lock the dogs up anyway. It is sad how many dogs go missing because of the fireworks, very sad.


What other news do I have for you ... George's foot injury is going to take a few months to heal by the look of it, meantime he is putting his leg up at work and using the intercom system to summons everyone to his office. He does have crutches to hobble around with but that tires him out to much. Meantime I am the driver, and get into heaps of trouble leaving late for work every morning so far. Tomorrow is end of month and we are always flatchat trying to get the last minute orders out, so we really have to be at work by 5.30am at the lastest tomorrow.

We were going to head to the farm this weekend but rain is still forecast for the weekend, it has been raining for 2 days already and the ground is soaked through. And there is no way we could leave before 4pm and then we will hit the traffic. So no we will give it a miss. Rain, tired and nightdriving not a good combination for me.
Have a great weekend everyone


  1. Juliette is such a pretty cat. :)
    I have a very independent one too. She lets you know who's the boss!

    Poor Chief! I don't like storms either! At least you figured out what was wrong before he ran away. :)

    I hope George will be able to get around easier very soon.

  2. My dog is also terrified of thunder. He will scale a 6 foot fence and just run. Run long and far!!!!

  3. 2 of my 3 dogs are terrified of storms. One even hides in the bathtub. Poor thing.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Good that your hubby is able to work...I'm one that doesn't like to drive at night or in the rain...bad combination. Trish

  5. Maybe just as well you leave the farm for this weekend - George wouldn't be able to hobble around in mud too easily.

    Somethings aren't possible for a reason...:-) Also good to take a break now and then and just "platz".

  6. Your kitty is beautiful! My bestest girlfriend dog in the whole world (RIP Q) was BEYOND horrified of storms and fireworks, too. She would hide in the bathtub, too!

  7. What a cute cat. I like that black smudge on her nose. I'm so glad that my dog is not botherd my thunder. We have had some whoppers and she just will life her head and then go back to sleep. I kind of thought she wwould be that way as she in not afraid of guns. Smart not to drive in bad weather and when you're really tired. Not a good combo.

  8. I love your blog and really enjoying reading about your life.
    We have a little dog that is also terrified of storms....she always lets us know when one is close.

    Have a wonderful day!!!