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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a bargain ... craft magazines, general news update

Now that's one thing I can't resist is craft books, esp when they on sale, or those specials when you get 2 or 3 magazines in a bag or the same price. It's the quilts and stitchery books I am after. Just to droll over the lovely quilts and great decorating ideas, still to make a big one one day. My first stop was a quick visit to a little antique store just up the road where I rummaged though a box and found 5 magazines at a $1 each.

So here's what I found 8 books for $2 from the hospital, last week they having a fundraising sale in the foyer. Lots of books, wooly things & knee blankets, cakes and jams, and a few small toys. All raising money for much needed medical equipment.

My old man is still in hospital, so until life gets back to normal I won't be posting much. My day is very full on, 2hrs travelling a day, still working 5hrs a day, then off to see George at the hospital which is close to work cause all his doctors are there. Then come home to feed the animals again. Now I off to the produce store too find out about the new septic tank I bought for Rose Cottage ... I hope they have ordered it by now.

Sheep update: I am thinking we might have news there soon, Bella's Mum is making little grunty noises this morning but no other signs yet. I left the spot light on over night, as the sheep were very restless. Damn foxes!

Have a lovely weekend and see ya all soon


  1. I hope George is better soon. It sounds as if you are very, very busy now. Yes, magazines are wonderful for ideas and a little dreaming, aren't they.

    Very best for good things,

  2. What great deals you got. I hope George is going to be ok.

  3. I love setting and looking threw old magazines and wishing....hope your hubby is doing ok...and the foxes don't get in the barn. Trish

  4. So sorry George is not well, I do hope he is better soon. The magazines look good, I can't resist when I see them on a stall at the car boot sales.

  5. I hope George gets well soon and everything settles down a little. Good luck on your sheep. Enjoyed the earlier post.

  6. I hope George is feeling better. I think the magazines is a wonderful idea. I always like to dream a little when times are tough it gives one hope and inspiration, besides a great diversion from the tougher things in life.

  7. Yes, I do hope your dh is doing better and will soon be home. And hope the foxes go somewhere else. Remember to get some extra rest at this stressful time.