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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cockies come visiting ... oh and the ducks ... kids

Love the wet face, having fun .... School holiday for Queensland is just about over and my boy flies back to Brisbane this morning.:(((

Second time at waveboarding, the weather was so beautiful


Kids having some holiday fun ...

1 of the 3 white ducks at the wave boarding place, I love ducks!!

A male Blue Wren ...

A pair of wild duck taking over our pool, nothing scares them away, cats don't bother with them, dogs don't bark at them, rubber snakes on the paving makes no impression. They feel so at home here, even join the chickens feeding on their grains.

Hmmm don't even think about going into the veggie patch!

Not aiming for the patch but rather the newly mowed paddock. Gosh these bird can be noisy when they want too.

@ Trish ... These parrots are all wild, and have very long lifespans 75 and more human years. And no the ducks are very friendly.

@Eva ... welcome, glad you found me, been trying to find your blog?

@Chris H ... if they do ... well a extra can of liquid chlorine could do the job lol

See ya soon,thanks for popping in today


  1. Hi Rina, lovely photos today! It's still Thursday evening here, but wishing you a wonderful Friday! Enjoy your Weekend!


  2. Are the white birds your! They could eat up a garden couldn't they...and the wild ducks would hurt a kid.

  3. The kids look so happy and all your pictures are beautiful!! Those cockatoos...such cheeky things.

  4. Lovely photos.
    I hope the ducks don't poo in the pool!

  5. Your youngster looks like a professional wave rider! I believe it is a summer he will never forget, and I know you will miss him!
    The little blue wren is stunning and the white wild parrots are magnificent. You find such interesting things to photograph. Thank you for the fun visit! x ~Kari