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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years 2012 ...

Tanya (the blond one,see not a true blond lol) and Cobi joined friends at Brighton beach to watch the early fireworks for the kids. Lots of fun for the little ones!
While they were having fun we stayed home with the animals. Our neighbour at the back property has a New Years party with a wonderful display of fireworks, the party starts around 8pm and lasts till the wee hrs of the morning. They have fun but not all the animals in our surrounds think it's fun. Chief, Tammy and Daisy sure don't cope well with the noise. I had secured them in safe areas by 9pm and all the cats were kept inside safely on a favorite spot.

Best Wishes for a great New Year for everyone
May you be blessed in many ways
Lots of love


  1. Beautiful fireworks! Happy New Year! It was a quiet new year at home with family and a good dinner here. We watched the festivities from around the world on TV.

  2. Fabulous fireworks, looks like a great time- Happy New Year x

  3. Happy New Year! Ours consisted of waking for a kiss around midnight... ish.


  4. Lovely pictures! Hope 2012 will hold lots of joy and blessings for you!