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Saturday, January 21, 2012

News on the home front ...

OK one more post before I get on that Jet plane, leaving tomorrow morning.

Sadly I said goodbye to my gentle suffolks ram Billy, this morning, That's him on the right side of the blog. No more talking to me by the fence, having his ear scratched. Or walking next to me while doing the feeding run, or coming up next to me with not a sign of aggression. (off cause I am not dumb to think it was going to stay like that forever come breeding season or as he got older and cranky) The dreaded Barbous Pole did it again, struck fear into the hearts of all my sheep, two so far have come down with it in the last week. He was Miss lashes's lamb two yrs ago, Miss Lashes is so good natured for a sheep, loving her scratches aswell. Maybe it's just silly to get attached to farm animals.

Now His stepbrother Rowan will be the main Man around here, I will need to spend more time taming him but it's just never going to be the same. Rowan was due for a new home and up for sale, well that solves one problem.

Then there the fox problem, he's back Mr Fox, wiped out all but one of the neighbour/landlords chooks. it was touch and go for her too but I managed to pull her through. Had said to the neighbour she would be going to chook heaven the nextday, but then George got admitted to hospital and that saved her live. Started feeling so guilty watching her suffer, not bringing myself to end it for her, but she came good and is happily pecking away with the rest of my chooks. Unfortunately they are all under house arrest until further notice, as Mr fox has visited twice since and nearly dined on one of the Matlidas. She has lost her beautiful black feathers and had scares to prove where his teath nipped her back.

Our shearer Don was here on Friday and he drenched all the sheep. Miss Daisy took off like a rocket wanting nothing to do with that man or his dogs, hiding amongst the agaphantus all you saw as her head sticking out with those big aeroplane ears. Being a browser I was not to concerned about deworming her because she was done just before Christmas anyway. But she can't hide forever when Don comes back to crutch the sheep in six weeks time.

Well that's it for me, got a few little things to sort out today , then I ready to go. Thanks for the good wishes for Mom. See ya all soon


  1. Hope you have a good trip and get there safe.

  2. What is Barbous Pole?

    That is horrible about the chooks. Darn fox. Here it's mink that wipe out all the chickens. One tiny little mink can kill 12 full grown chickens in minutes. Kinda like the Tasmanian Devil!

    Losing animals is not fun, no matter what the reason is.

  3. Hi friend as you have noticed my blog is empty i left a message to everyone so you can join me back..pff..stay hours doing this..dont want to lose my case here is the link who will bring you there past it on top of your page...or click the link on my old not there anymore just leaving it untill all things start to work hope you find me...loves and thank you..