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Saturday, February 6, 2010

This rain just stopped long enough for me take a pic of this beautiful sunflower ... hope for a new day

It's been raining all night, so heavy that the gutters and down pipes could hardly handle it. 40mm in 30 mins. The 22 000 ltr tank is overflowing. Tonight we may have the longest showers ever. If only it would clear and the sun could come out for a few hrs, then we'd be washing blankets and Donnas as well. But there's more rain forecast tomorrow. So we'd rather not be stuck with wet, smelly blankets.

Already the grass is growing after last week's rain. My Japanese Friend Pina once discribed the small paddock as a bowl of fruitsalad, the grass was nearly 15cm high and all shades of green. Now it's still got a fair way to grow before it's a fruitsalad again.Dinner tonight was a bowl of vegetable soup and fresh bread. It's just the weather for soup.

It's cooled right down and the frogs outside are announcing more rain to come.That reminds me I still wanted to tell you all about the frog hunts at the farm. After a BBQ dinner one evening, the frogs started with their crowking while it drizzled softly, heck they were so noisy we could hardly hear each other. I got the boys to come frog hunting with me, we grabbed the touch and went over to the small fish pond. As soon as they hear you they go all quite and still, making it rather hard to spot them.Luke was a little scared at first but soon joined in the fun. There was this big green bullfrog, and as he crowked you could see the bubble at his throat form a perfect round ball. and a little to the right was some tiny little green frogs. To top it all there was a whole bathfull of tadpoles in the old bath ... nature's classroom.

It's stuff like this I am going to miss most if Cobi goes back home, when will we ever spend such wonderful times together again. I wonder if he would even remember any of it in years to come. It reminds me of the times I spent with my own grandmother ... things we did, even if it was only going to church where she'd slip me a pepperment to suck on. Special times ...

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  1. Nice the sunflower and so big.

  2. I like that picture! Hope for a new day. It gives me the feeling of hope too.

    Snow in Georgia is not really a good thing - we are all hills and curves - it's slushy, then it melts and freezes at night - ice in the morning and we can't get out of our drive ways!