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Monday, February 15, 2010

A little scrapbooking ... recycle your old dairy

Are you a scrapbooker? I do not claim to be any good at it but I do try come up with a few good ideas. Like this project below. It started it's life as a dairy, then as always happens at the end of each year it just lays around , no good for anything. But wait I got a plan. I removed 1/4 of the pages, glued every second one together. Painted them black, yep it's another messy project. I used Jo Sonya paint after lightly sanding the pages. When they dried (overnight), I started blocking up the pages, carrying over the same white embossed paper or matching paper, sort of keeping to a theme if you know what I mean. Now I could add my pics and journalling. Why not punch small holes around the edge of the pages, then thread a few strings of fluffy yarn through the holes.

I bet a teenager would love to make one of these photo books to brag to her friends.

The ZigZag railway is in the Blue Mountains, about 1hr drive away. With these photo's I tried to bring in the smokey soot effect by smudging the edges of the background paper, using a black stamping ink. Anf where I cropped the photo's I smudge the edge to ... Bit messy

DiL and Cobi, I had so many pics it was hard chosing which ones to use.

DiL2 with Luke ... These were taken when we spent a long weekend at Bunya Mountains, Queensland. We went on a wagon drawn by 2 beautiful horses. We had billy tea with damper yum. (I did this page on my one and only lesson)

My Dear friends Rosie, Roy and William on their last visit to Australia. I blogged about Rosie in my other blog, if you would like to read more. We had a lovely day at the Everglades Gardens at Leura, Blue Mountains before retiring to a nice hot meal and quite evening in front of the fire place with good friends.
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  1. I like your scrap book - I love your new blog look - very nice. sandie

  2. Love the diary recycling! I have had a go at scrapping but am not that good :0(

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. Wish I had more time to play with paper.

  4. I love the upcycled journal Rina, and all your pages are great! I hope you find more time soon, it's a great hobbby.