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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small change ... gas stove ... goals

I have been doing a lot of blog hopping lately, think I need a little inspiration. I don't feel like cooking meals lately and we just grabbing a bite here and there and then when I am forced to cook a proper meal, it's the dishes afterwards. might have something to do with only having one plate that is working and another thats just on full all the time. Owner has promised to look into getting a replacement cooktop but getting one to fit the benchtop without replacing that as well. It's in good nick.

If it was me I just go out and buy a nice new freestanding gas stove 4 burners and a wok burner in the centre, and a double oven.What do you do with all your small change, have you got a special goal your working towards ... well my change goes into a huge tin, one from the $2 dollar shop, every thursday I empty my purse and it all goes in the tin. Two guesses what I am saving up for ... my gas stove for the farm. We don't have power on our block unless I find a spare $20 000 for a transformer. So a gas/electric fridge has already been ticked off my list for 2010 goals.

Talking about Goals for the year, I have blogged about that already, I am working on getting information from the council for building, though it would probably be better if I just make an appointment to see them. That means taking a week off work, drive the 6hrs there and spend sometime at the farm. So we might just do that soon. The past 3 years I kept delaying it but we come to a point now where we (I mean me) have to do it otherwise we will be retireing and still not have a home to live in.

Today has turned out to be warm (hot) and sunny, we have been working on the eastwing of the chookhouse. (still no photo's sorry.)

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  1. Would love a stove like that too.....I drool over all the ovens and hotplates :0)
    I have an award for you drop by when you have a chance and pick it up