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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today I think i'd like to show you my very neglected garden at the farm. Yeah it needs weeding real bad! what made me decide on showing you this ... well close to work there was a council clean up (that's when we can put our unwanted stuff on the curb and council picks it up) Just as well I needed to go off to the RTA to get the car registered and just happened to be on my way. I came back with a heap of agapanthus and 2 agaves, and a smallish plastic dog kennel which will go into the chookhouse. The hens will love that to nest in.

In amongst there somewhere is a heap of agapanthus I picked up from another clean up, I trimmed the roots and seperated the plants and replanted them. Those lovely bomeliads with the red flowers were throw outs as well. I can't tell you the amount of neglected plants I have picked up and got them growing again in my garden. All for free!

Here is a pic of my purple caravan at the farm, note there's a pergola in front of it and using a little imagination, to the right of it is the new bush kitchen consisting of a bbq and a buttercup yellow cast iron sink on a freshly white painted framework. Just behind that is a white painted wooden wall with shelves. The roof is extended a little as well.
So can you see it ...

So what growing in Pumpkin Patch ... after the sheep trampled and eat a few things ... I think we have kumera and purple sweet potatoes, rosemary, galangha ... not much

I love to show you more until nexttime


  1. Nice flowers in your garden and the weather looks good. Till a little snow here.

  2. Everything is so lush and green! Here it's still brown and drab, hopefully not much longer. Your garden looks beautiful!

  3. Nice blog. Lovely blossoms and sunlight framed in wonderful photos! keep it up the good work.

  4. Isn't it great when you get plants for free and so many plants are so easy to grow from cutting or multiples. Don't worry about the weeds they grow no matter what happens even if the plants don'
    I my dream is to own a small farm one day to eventually move to.
    Have a good weekend