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Monday, February 1, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that

Woke at 4 am this morning wishing I could just stay in bed a little longer. DH was not feeling well at all, he's a type 2 Diabetic and insulin dependant, so he just phoned in sick today. That let me off the hook as well! We work for the same company and they know I don't come in when he's sick.Feeding the animals and doing all the regular chores did not take very long. Then DD and I went to the mall for a few things. While DH had a sleep in.

I managed to work in a few bags of mushroom compost into the raised beds this afternoon, and having a good think what to plant next. I bought some broadbean and a few other winter seeds, but it's still a little early to plant them.The chillies have been growing in this pot for sometime now but it still bears heaps of chillies, maybe next season I plant a new chillie bush. Tough little thing!

Look whats hiding in this bin a nice cucumber. That's going to go in a nice thai cucumber and tomatoe salsa tomorrow, with some chilli drumettes. Have you seen the nice new corogated raised beds you can buy, those oval jobs ... they great but a little pricy. Now I found these half 45 gallon drums at work, of cource they just found their way into the back of my ute. They arrive with heavy heavy steel pieces in them which we machine, but they haven't asked for the drums back. I drilled a few drainage holes, filled them up with soil and they ready for planting. Maybe I will paint the next ones insided just to prevent rusting. Should make nice wicker beds , might give that a go next time.

We still working on this diet thing. Tanya is trying to get me walking with her but no thanks. Our neighbours Cheryl and Gail and even their Boys, with a bit of encouragement from their lovely wives joined in. They each got handed a dog ... we got 3 ... 2 springers and a golden retriever ... and Cheryl brought Staffy. Tanya is doing 6km in the morning and then 6km at night. No way, could not even make it to the main road the pace they walking.

See ya

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