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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mulgoa veggie patch plans

I am so thankful for this lovely rain we have had the last week, the tank is overflowing and the grass has just shot up from nowhere. After work I jumped on the rideon and mowed in front of the house, around where the dogs are and on the verge. Boy it looks nice now. It was so late by the time I finished and as I was about to go in for a shower I noticed the last of the sunset and just had to take a pic. That's the problem with winter here, we leave when it's dark and come home so late it's dark again. The days are so short.

A Rosella plant that came up by it self, I must have dropped the seed by mistake, now I am very pleased about it. I need to save the seeds! When it flowers I will post a pic for you and tell you what to do with them.

From my garden: I harvested this beauty and some spuds. The chooks layed 5 eggs today. I know that's not much and I really need to start planting more stuff. The veggie patch is new but I can only blame myself for not havesting more. The veggie patch is not big but really it could do better than that.

Planting: broadbeans, carrots and pasnip are going in this weekend. I want to sow some snowball turnips mainly for greens for the chooks and sheep, and a few for veggie soup. Will look for a few spinach seedlings, they should still do allright. Might plant a few variety of beans and peas. A few potatoes are starting to grow in the veggie basket and they will get planted on Saturday too.
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  1. You're doing good Rina. With us is still snow and freezing.

  2. I have rosella seeds will plant them later in the year. I only have a small garden, I have got to get into a routine of successive planting. I think few plants often is the way for me.