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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Auction time again

Now that's one place I love to go! Laws Auctions in Sydney is the place to go for building materials, tiles, kitchens and whitegoods. As you can gather I do most of the bidding as George is better off earning a buck and me spending it lol. Monday's the building materials,and Wensdays the other stuff. We were needing a pack of 90 x 35 mm hardwood for the fence, three windows and a pack of 10 big lattice panels. Wanna know what I am going to do with so much lattice?? I got a vision .... again says husband with a worried look on his face. Still got to look for a secondhand solid door and 1 more window so I will have to go looking at the secondhand building supplier in Penrith on the weekend. Not paying for a new one just to paint it red, thats suppose to be good fung shui. Another good place to look is at the Bower bird in Marrickville.

Then off to the nursery for 2 red rose bushes and maybe a climbing white iceberg rose... never planted a rose garden before. I have just seen the most beautiful red climbing rose in a new blog I visited today, would love to have one just like that. Any suggestions growing roses would be welcome. Or maybe I just wait and prepare the soil first .......

Our auction purchases were delivered this afternoon, just in time to cut the fencing wood to size for the following weekend. I need to paint some of the lattice and some 70 X 45 timbers for timber surrounds, my favorite colour "Green" Going to be a busy weekend for sure. All preparation work for the following weekend.

Until tomorrow with pics of the progress
Off to bed we go ... night


  1. Man - you are always busy.

    I know you are in Austrailia and things are different there. Guess I never really did get to know you. You're married - How many children do you have? Two grandchildren - do you see them a lot?

    You work at home? And you have two homes - one you live in and one you are building for retirement.

    Is this all right?

    Tell me about yourself.

  2. Hi Sandie, So far you got it right ... I got 2 boys from my first marriage They both live in Brisbane 1000km away, that why I only have the kids during holidays, Both boys are seperated from they wifes. My Helper son Neal has a lovely Italian Girlfriend Elize. The Blond One (Tanya)is a packet blond, (not as in dumb)lives at home, which is greaat for when we go to the farm, she looks after the animals for me.

    No I work in an engineering shop as a factory hand /deburrer person. I 'll do a post on that soon. George runs the shop but we do not own it. We start 5ish or when we get there, takes 45 mins to get to work depending on the traffic.

  3. You're doing well. Nice plants roses.

  4. Looks like you have been busy again and have more work to do. Auction houses are great for a bargain...most of the time.

  5. I'm so glad ya found what ya needed at the Auction...what fun. I can't wait to see your progress.

    Hummm, roses!!! I have 38 rose bushes here on the Ponderosa. 28 in the rose garden and 10 scattered in other flower beds throughout my acre of yard that sits smack in the middle of the ranch. Roses are work baby! :o)

    God bless ya and have a beautiful day!!!

  6. I have always wanted a rose garden...I only have three roses...need a few more.I'll be watching for your. Trish

  7. Sounds like you had a really good time. what pretty roses.