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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paint fumes and garden shed for Lavender Hill

The painter woman's been at it again, this time the "paint" was a mix of bitumen and kerocene, black sticky gunk stirred and thined down with a little kero. I pinched the Blond One's plastic gloves, she only washes dishes when we away in anycase so she would not find out until the weekend. Why paint bitumen, cause it is used by builders as waterproofing on outside walls before they shovel dirt against house/retaining walls. Termites don't like it either. So let's hope it is going to save my new wooden garden shed from being eaten up by termites. A slap of bitumen to the underside of the base/floor, and now it's ready to be transported to the farm. the walls are in large panels (Plywood on 2X4's), them I need to paint a light colour (white) to lighten the inside of the shed. Assembly and clad with weatherboards........add one roof.

If you haven't noticed yet I was born with a paintbrush in one hand and a tin of paint in the other, LOL Don't stand still for to long or ya will get painted!

Now I am sure you going to expect this shed to come out of a box all nicely cut to size with instruction ... my dear husband sure wishes the same thing but no. It's a very large wooden box 2.5 X 3.5 sq mts with a VERY SOLID floor weighing a ton, yep it comes from work totally free, just waiting to be recycled into a shed. I can see it painted a sage green or lavender with a little white accent. Some guttering to attach my fairylights come christmas. I got great plans for that box!

Have you bought any paint lately? if you have you would have noticed how dear it is. But sometimes you can get a bargain by looking in their mismatch section, there they keep tins of paint that haven't come out quite the right colour, normally they paint a little spot on the lid to see the colour. These paints get discounted very cheaply. I found a huge 20ltr tin exterior weathershield paint with a grey marker for $65 same price as a 4 ltr can. But upon closer inspection found it to be lavender after stirring for 5 mins, what a bonus!!!

Maybe by the weekend you will have the first glimps of my "awesome" garden shed (Don't ya love kids expressions it's either cool, sick or awesome that your pick)
We leave Friday morning early for the weekend.
I'll be back with a colour sample soon,
see ya


  1. Good luck with that big project. I look forward to seeing the results of your "awesome" results!


  2. Hello there... thanks for checking out my blog... I'm quite intrigued by your little world... I'm trying to read up, and catch up a bit to see what it's like on YOUR farm! :)

  3. Can't wait to see the shed!! I love finding marked down paint. It is so cheap.

  4. Sounds great! :D Yes I have noticed how much paint is :( Unfortunately a dicounted tin won't be enough for what we need...sigh! I wish it was though. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  5. Looking forward to seeing it all together. I love painting too and when someonr is painting their house I always offer to help.....they think I am joking but I do enjoy it.