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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lavender Cottage (we have had a name change)... project in progress

Down to Earth post ... I beg your forgiveness my dear friends, I have neglected you all, but we been at the farm for a bit and we have been flat out at work too.

But first I must tell you all about Lavender cottage, that's going to be my little guest cottage. Finally my dear husband has cottoned on to the idea and we started building it. All out of recycled stuff and maybe a few new bits and pieces. The huge steel bases come from a cnc machine weighing a few ton, brought into Australia via boat from Japan and it sits protected in a metal cage. The cage bit will be turned into another chookhouse or shed later. My job was clean the frames of any rust using an angle grinder and to paint the metal with Grey Rust Guard. I do have a colour scheme in mind but thats for a later post.

(Before this cage was covered in a tarp and everything was neatly stacked inside. Until we got this great idea ... we had to swing the whole thing 45% so the cottage will face east towards the main cottage that we plan to live in. To the left of the pic is another storage cage with a heap of building timbers inside it, when that's gone I plan to plant a few citrus trees there. They should love the afternoon son.)

2 Bases get bolted together, then wooden panels with openings for doors and windows get built, they then get stood up and screwed together forming the walls of the cottage. Cypress wood cladding wil cover the panels, they are seconds we bought at auction. Sliding door and roof trusses comes from Scott's old home before they did renovations. The wooden floor comes from a factory and will need a little sanding and revanishing. Then another base will be the little cypress pine deck with bull nose corrogated iron roofing. I will update pics after the next weekend, we're there.

So what are we going to end up with: a large cubby house with an open plan ... 1 queensized bed, side tables, 1 built in cupboard, a shower and handbasin, laundry with a composting toilet, 2 lounge chairs and corner tv cabinet, smallish kitchen area and a sliding door leading to an outside decked veranda with steps onto a cosy courtyard.

So until nexttime