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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Many Hands make light work ... Rose Cottage

So as not to confuse everyone, we have had a name change Rose cottage is now Lavender cottage and the new garden shed/cottage is now and forever known as Nilo and Des's "Rose Cottage" It's all got to do with the purple paint I found that was marked grey on the tin of mismatched paint. Rose Cottage was "supposed to be a garden shed or that's what my poor husband thought" Did I not tell you I had big plans for that wood box. We put it up the friday for our guests instead of a tent, then us girls decided it could have been just a little bigger. "The broomsticks and knockers" (as Des calls it) Grandma's bed which is an antique bed has tiny pink roses on the round bits ... I inherited the bed from a friend as nobody wanted it. George was grumbling as usual for a bit but soon got with it, now the floor plan has doubled, we getting 2 windows and a door, a small deck out the front. The second window and door still need to be bought and roofing still needs to go up. We did use some polycardinate corrogated roofing in the meantime. Red Cedar cladding has been nailed to the outside and next time we will put all the trimmings up. Add lights and all the other stuff to finish it off. Lucky we had so much material just waiting .....
Here's a few pics of our progress so far


  1. Wow, what a great project. I love building the bed inside the house. Fantastic! Now, in our house we have to figure out how to get a footed bath tub off of the third floor to remodel the bathroom up there. We just may have the tub resurfaced, strengthen the feet, and build the new bathroom around it. I like your system.


  2. What nice Rhina and that bed, how great. I'm coming! Great work, succes.

  3. Wow! Great progress! Love that bed....goes off singing..lalala bobbing along, bobbing along at the bottom of the beeyootiful briiiiiny seaaaaaa ......

  4. That is looking so good and yes a verandah would be lovely. I love the aunts had about 6 (some single and the rest double) like that and they were all sold when they moved into town:0(

  5. What a huge project, but a great one. Wow.

    Do you have a Mother's Day down there?

    If so or if not . . . have a Happy Mother's Day. ♥sandie

  6. that is so cute... I want a little sleep out like that too! You have done well.

  7. Congratulations!!! Nilo and Des's Rose Cottage looks amazing. A little ingenuity and a bit of hard yakka(work), and look at the wonderful results. That's what I call thinking out of the box.

    Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.
    Cheers, Deb

  8. Ever so sweet! I dream of a tiny cottage by a lake or in the woods or on a mountain...Sherry

  9. We were so touched when Rina and George decided we need a Cottage! They are just the greatest Human Beings I know!
    A lot of hard work and a little bit of grumbling from the men folk, but very rewarding! Des has managed to scrounge heaps of stuff all over the place even a kitchen sink. All of this will be transported to Bellbrook this weekend for some more building.