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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rose Cottage gets a deck, stairs and a roof.

A few more pics of Rose Cottage, getting a deck, stairs and roof.

The frame work for the deck, good preparation work takes long but so worth the effort. And unless your colour blind Green is the order of the day, and every other day Lol

Roxy taking a break from supervising!

Give a girl power tools, and watch her go. Still amazed Nilo drilled, contersunk and screwed the whole deck herself. Well done!

Now here is no shortage of wood to burn, imagine sitting on the stairs with a hot chocolate or marshmellows warming up with a wood fire burning at night. Winters are cold here but sadly no snow!

P.S. You will have to come back for more progress pics after the long weekend.
Until nexttime


  1. It is looking good!!

  2. It's looking great Rina, I saw that brazier and thought marshmallows!! :-D

  3. It is starting to all come together and it is looking good ....can't wait to see more pics

  4. Such a rewarding weekend. The girl with the powertools' body is moaning today! Not a spring chicken anymore, LOL! Thank goodness for being a housewife!
    Next time we'll be finishing the roof over the deck and then the gutters to collect water and the kitchen and and's a long weekend so lots of work will be done. Watch this space!
    Thanks for a fabulous weekend girlfriend! Mwha

  5. Many hands make light work - no, know that the legs and backs don't agree, but oh, the fun or having friends to help! You are blessed!

    Looks brilliant!