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Friday, May 14, 2010

Jar of small change buys ....

Well what do ya know, the small change challenge I set myself has finally paid for a new Chef LPG Gas stove. I bought a new stove this afternoon on the spur of the moment, for Lavender Cottage.

Been saving for sometime now, every thursday evening I empty my purse of any coin in there into a big money tin. The tin can't be opened without distroying it completely, so you can't pinch any money from it. I was still $200 short so put it on layby giving me 2 weeks to pay the rest. Checked out the prices and found one shop to be $799 and right next door they wanted $599 for the same stove on special. Guess where I went ... does that explain my impulse buying.

Now there were plenty nice stainless steel stoves to choose from for megabucks starting from $1499 to $3699 but really do I need such a fancy stove? Imagine a little banana loaf getting lost in that huge oven. No I did the right thing and got the cheaper and smaller stove. This one works on LPG Gas even for the grill and oven, it will do the job nicely thank you. Now I am sorted with applicances for the kitchen ... gas fridge and stove ... the two most important items taken care of when your not on the grid.

BTW my power bill has just arrived today and yes it's high $654 for the quarter. And they talking of price increases again. Imagine how much it will cost then.

Do you have some thing special to save for, maybe getting a challenge like this could help you getting one step closer to your goal.


  1. Ah, if only more people in the world would save for what they want to buy instead of buying, then worrying about paying for it!

    It sounds as if you'll have lots of fun using your new stove. I consider anything in my kitchen to be a "kitchen toy" because the kitchen is one of my playgrounds. :)

    Very best,

  2. I'm so happy for you! That change really adds up after a while!
    Enjoy your new stove. :)

  3. I have a change cup and i get about 50/60 bucks when I take it to the bank. Your power bill it really high!

  4. Great job on buying the stove with saved change!! Enjoy!!

  5. We've been having a clear out and selling things so have manged to raise money to continue the renovations. My mum has one of the great big whisky bottles and she puts all of her change in there. She uses that money to buy the grandchildren Xmas presents. Like the new blog look :D

  6. Lovely oven! Looks identical to the one I bought for our last house in Palmerston North... it's so cute!
    Well done on the savings... something I should try I think!
    Trouble is... there is nothing I really want to save for!
    But give me time, I'm sure I can eventually think of something! lol

  7. Hi Rina, Well done on your savings and the new stove looks wonderful. I am saving at the moment for some house renovations. We need a new bathroom, our shower has leaked and we need to replace water damaged walls. I have a large glass jar with a cork stopper. All our silver goes into it and I have a smaller glass jar for all the gold coins. We have a grand total of just over $70 at the moment, we will get there.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.