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Friday, April 30, 2010

And there goes my computer screen on it side, I am serious, flipped over 90% to the left. Tried checking it out like that for a few mins but thats no fun after 5 mins, imagine trying to read like that you'd only get a stiff neck. Dear Husband tried a few things but he's advice was turn the Monitor on it's side Yeh right! That only changed all the blues to red, not good.
Well then I got this brain wave and asked google what to do with the screen, expecting no answer. But up comes the answer press Ctrl & Alt and Arrow up at the same time. So if ever that happens to you, you now know what to do.

Now what's happening at your place this weekend, anything interesting?

Neal and Elize are coming for the weekend from Brisbane, flying in tomorrow. The blond one (daughter) and Elize are both Zumba instructors and they attending an Expo or something. Neal my helper is probably expecting his Mom to have some project waiting for him, but I haven't. Bet his just come for his Mom's good cooking too. So I better go bake a Banana loaf and tomorrow I want to bake an upside down pineapple cake.I add a few pics of it after I baked it.

Enjoy the weekend


  1. A side-ways screen...that sounds rather unique!

    Our weekend is looking busy with turkey hunting, a trip to the mall with my daughter and then a trip to the comic book shop. Yup, I am that much of a geek! =)

  2. Hi,

    Oh, goodness, any problem with a computer is not good. I hope it is resolved soon or you can use another computer until it is. "Honey, may I use your computer, please?"

    This weekend is a busy one for us. We are traveling a bit and I am taking pictures that will magically appear on my blog when I get them formatted and the commentary written.

    Happy Weekend,

  3. Have fun baking and enjoy your weekend. I am hoping we don't get anymore snow this weekend.