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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recycle recycle ...

Sonday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney, we got up early with intentions of getting a heap of work done around the place. The wheel barrow's wheel was bunkled and made a heck of a racket when you pushed it. We had bought two new wheels at the hardware store the day before (without measuring them of cause) and yep you guessed it they did not fit. Never mind we think of another project for them later, George hates returning things. He panelbeated the old wheel and now it's as good as new.

Rat lending a paw ....

Then we tackled the builder wheelbarrow that I resued from the skip at work, first getting the boys at work to remove the bin part. I cleaned all the mortor off with a anglegrinder (dusty job) sanded the wood handles, and painted them.
The metal parts got cleaned up with the anglegrinder too and then painted them with kill rust paint.That's as far I had got. George then removed the rest of the bolts that I struggled with. We found some old weathered pieces of hardword, and sanded that back with the angled grinder, taking off the grey weathered layer leaving it like new timber underneath. Cut them to size and skrewed them onto the handles. And then gave them 2 coats of varnish. It is a little heavy but a bale of hay on top on the veranda should look good as a backdrop to some pumpkins or other display.

This has been a great week for finds on the curb. Just happened to drive past and saw a water tank, those nice new ones you find at Bunnings atm, well it was broken. All I needed was the top bit anyway, stopped and loaded it in. Today I cut the bottom bit off and filled it up with soil. The tap on the tank was working well so that will get fitted on another 200lt barrel I had that needed a tap of some sorts.

Remember the 1/2 45gallon drum, here are my beans growing in them, I picked the first of them this afternoon. Fresh from the garden yum.
It's been a long day, time for a shower and bed, work tomorrow
Until nexttime


  1. It looks nice Rhina the flowers and the wheelbarrow with the cat.

  2. Gosh - you sure did recycle. Impressive. sandie