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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Update on snakes and Season's change

Update on Snakes.

Daisysmum March 31st, 2010 at 10:08 PM
We lost the second ewe this summer to Mr and Mrs Snake, this time it was one young ewe. Not very happy about that I can tell you. We decided to buy a 20ft container and would have to put up the shelves and move everything. We not heading up to the farm as planned but if the container gets delivered in time, then that is what we will be doing this weekend. In the veggie patch George needs to build another raized bed. thats it for extra space, Planted more purple king beans , potatoes, chives and more turnips. Some bug is having a good time munching on the turnip leaves, planted specially for chook greens over winter.Not much news atm,so I will say goodnight to everyone.Rina

Season's change
April 1st, 2010 at 09:16 pm
First I need to apologise for my last blog entry, it was so short and I was so tired, think I even feel asleep in front of the computer at one stage.Somedays it gets to much this 4.30 wake up ,dress, drive to work and start at5.30/6am. Then back at 6/6.30pm, make dinner, feed animals, washing you know the normal stuff. I would just love to stay at home and do my own stuff, cooking, sewing gardening. Become a hermit! Never used to get it when working folk said we just don't have the time to do this or that, but now I get it, I understand why 1/2 knitted jumpers land up as ufo's in the back of cupboards.
Today has been very testy, lots of work and then doing deliveries as well. The traffic has been a shocker again tonight coming home. Then we had to try retrieve our ram Nelson from next door. He decided to show their ram who is boss, and then serviced all the girls, what a stud he is! Their ram must be a youngster otherwise they would still be ramming each other to the death .... Might still need to get out the bandaids. He is in heaven next door, not even his stomach matters atm. Have you ever seen 2 rams going for it, well our landlord's ram(it's got those big curling horns and Nelson poor thing has no horns) had a good go at each other a while back, the gate between them is so buckled and latch/chainless barely hanging on by the hinges. the fence wire and post and rail fence is just about no existing. Lucky it their ram that is causing most of the damage.

On a more brighter note, we going out for the day tomorrow, a bit of a threat, and my Japanese friend Pina is coming with. We heading off to the Japanese Gardens in Cowra about 3hrs drive there, Lunch and then on to another small town with cute shops I am told. Going to be lovely. Easter eggs were exchange at work today, my favorite being Lindt choccies and red tulip and mint eggs.

Have a lovely restful easter.
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  1. Sorry about the loss of your young ewe. I didn't know you worked - where do you work - and what do you do?

    And the two rams - gee I am such a city gal.

    Hoppy Easter Rina.


  2. Sorry about the baby ewe. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.