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Friday, April 9, 2010

Remi our adopted pony

What do I know about horses and ponies, nothing to be honest. But My kids were sent off to holiday camps and there they got to experience the whole horse thing. They mucked out the stables and brushed and feed them, and learnt to ride. And I played Mom's Taxi to the riding school but it was Dad's hard earned money that paid for it all. My kids never did pony club cause we just had to many other activities.
Tanya still rides occasionally. But it's her job to keep check on Remi.
Remi used to live with the ram next door (our landlord's ram)and he was considered to be a lawnmower. But the ram used to headbutt poor Remi till we stepped in and removed him to our side of the farm. Now he get brushed, wormed, and even gets a pedicure. Today he got real lucky and had a visit from the vet dentist to file his teeth. (I wish I was here to take a photo or two but some people have to work for a living) I had no idea you filed a horses teeth! Vet checked his choppers and he had an absese and broken tooth which had to be removed, that must have be causing him so discomfort for sure. Tanya says the smell was real bad!! Next he needs a vaccine or two and wormer, and the ferrier needs to trim his hooves again.

I don't even get a pedicure but Remi does ... that will be right.

Tanya so wanted get 'n few donkeys from the rescue 'n donkey place but Remi will have to do for now. They have such a long lifespan, so it is just another cost I could do without atm. Our paddocks can't sustain any more animals so it is just going to cost me feeds and more medical expenses. Have you ever considered rescueing a donkey?
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  1. You have such a good heart and Remi knows it:)) We all need TLC most of the days and I am sure he is happier with your family.
    I follow a few blogs where they have donkeys and they are such cute and loving creatures, it really surprised me. They usually have at least two as they need company.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a sweetheart!!

  3. Rina, what a sweet menagerie you have. I love that you "rescued" this pony from the ram. But you have to draw the line somewhere, don't you?
    Have a great time! Sherry

  4. How nice of you to take such good care of him. He's a lucky pony! Wish we had the space to have more animals, I'd love to have some chickens, maybe a goat, I might even rescue a donkey if we had the room...

  5. What a cute pony. Can't rescue a donkey; my hands are full.